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The Darrington Community Center was built in 1954 with donated time, skill and materials from caring residents of the Darrington Area. The construction, past and present use of the building define the generosity, spirit of cooperation and heritage of the residents of this remote, rural community.

In the years since, generations of volunteers and community partners have made many improvements to the building, including:

  • Roof addition to kitchen entrance

  • New gym lights

  • Alarm system

  • Sound system in gym

  • Sound/Projection system for dining room

  • Scorekeepers bench

  • New gym floor

  • Air conditioning

  • Tankless Water Heater

  • New carpet

  • Energy updated appliances

  • Shower room update

  • Window update

  • Electrical updates

  • Replaced roof

  • Catwalks in gym ceiling to help with maintenance

  • Replaced aging wooden fire escapes with metal stairways

  • Installed French drains at four corners of the building

  • New dining room floors

In 1980 the film High Ice utilized the Darrington Community Center as an exterior and interior location.  In 2017, while preparing to repaint the exterior, the Board of Directors worked with the Darrington Historical Society to access this footage containing the original exterior color of the building.  Over the years the Community Center was painted cream to match the neighboring school, but the Town of Darrington was ready to return this historic treasure to it’s original, individual color.  Thanks to it’s supporting onscreen role, the original color was recorded for our painters to reference.

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