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The Community Center is the heart of Darrington activities. The DCC, which houses a gym, meeting room and kitchen, was built in 1954 to serve the societal needs of people living in a remote area of Washington State. At the time the gym was built high school basketball was a mainstay in the logging community of Darrington and today remains the town’s primary athletic venue. The meeting room and kitchen are rented for weddings, baby/bridal showers, reunions, potlucks, tribal meetings and other gatherings. The DCC offers the kitchen and meeting rooms to area residents for funeral dinners and memorial gatherings upon request. It is also a designated Red Cross shelter in the event of an emergency. 


The building is owned by the Town of Darrington and managed by a Board of Trustees who meet quarterly.  Board meetings are open to the public - you can find dates for upcoming board meetings on the Events page. Bookings and additional information can be provided by calling the Darrington City Hall, at 360-436-1131.

Current Board Members

Vianne Sargent (President)

Mary Gilroy (Vice President)

Sheila Ashe (Treasurer)

Marree Perrault (Secretary)

Frances Fowler

Karen Schoneman

Gary Willis

Shelly Fryman

Val Wall

Lisa Jay

Lisa Yandle

Board Consultants

Larry Boyd 

Larry Coleman

Facilities Maintenance

Mikey Coleman

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